Sunshine & Shimmer

It’s officially that time of year again, SUMMERTIME!  Get ready to put away the jackets and bring out your swim suits. I’m going to give you a few quick and easy steps to achieve the perfect on the go summer glow. Remember, summer makeup is all about a fast easy natural look.


Let’s start with facial coverage. No one wants piled on makeup while it’s hot and sticky out, so we need a simple light weight and sheer coverage.  Tinted moisturizers are the seamless summer alternative to the normal creamy and sometimes heavy foundation. These tinted moisturizers provide your skin with the necessary sun protection for any sunny summer day. I would suggest any thing with a sun protection factor (SPF) of 30 or more.


The NARS Pure Radiant Tinted Moisturizer is easily applied. This product will give a good amount of hydration while covering up any discolored skin and give an overall healthy glow with an SPF of 30.

A lot of people don’t realize that overtime the harsh sun exposure can harm your skin. Personally, I wear a tinted moisturizer every day. Yes, even under regular foundation. It helps to keep your skin looking young and prevents dark spots from sun, which will be important in the future. I promise!

Next, I suggest a few mascara applications to make your eyes pop and possibly even a quick eyebrow fill-in, if you’re into that. No need for any heavy or dramatic eye makeup. Applying some mascara will help you look lively and while making your eyes appear bigger. Just make sure to use mascaras that lengthen your eyelashes and avoid anything that will clump your lashes together.

Below I added a tutorial using two mascaras that I also own and love. Maybelline’s Volum’ Express, The Mega Plush Mascara and Benefits They’re Real! Mascara have been hot items for a while. Both of these mascaras are great and can help achieve volumized and lengthened lashes.

The last touch you’ll need to finish this natural look is a sparkled bronzer. I recommend the Too Faced Sun Bunny Bronzer. This bronzer in particular has the perfect amount of shimmer without making your face overwhelmingly sparkly. I suggest using a Kabuki brush, which you can pick up at any drugstore for pretty cheap. Apply the bronzer along your cheekbone and the outline of your face to add an overall warm sun kissed look.

sun bunny

Using these couple of products for the season will give your face the perfect lightweight and shimmered look for any hot summer day.Now you can focus on lying by the beach and getting the perfect tan!



Lip Cream Rage

NYX lipglosses

Soft Matte Lip Cream

Lip cream, have you heard of it? I have been dying to share my latest drugstore pick up. Recently I’ve been anti sticky or shiny lip-glosses, or the alternative dry quick and fading lipsticks. So, I’ve searched for a lip balm that still had a good amount of color. I came across NYX Cosmetics newly released Soft Matte Lip Cream. This product is the perfect combination of a lipstick color and lip-gloss feel. NYX developed 22 of these Soft Matte Lip Creams ranging from bright reds to soft nudes, but my favorite is ‘London’.

Contour Craze


Daily Contouring

I think it is safe to say that one of the most important factors when it comes to makeup is overall facial coverage. Recently, both powder and cream contouring palettes have become the must-have product for anyone trying to achieve that naturally glowing full covered face. I’m going to give a basic rundown of the differences between cream and powder contouring kits, along with a couple contour tips. Keep in mind that most makeup artist will suggest contouring after applying initial foundation, but this is dependent on your desired coverage.

Lets start with the cream contour palettes. This type of kit is used for a dryer skin and can boost your complexion resulting in a seamless look. Cream kits can be used to soften jawlines, enhance cheekbones, and slim out certain features by applying different shades along the face. I’m hands down a bigger fan of cream contour kits because of the finished product. There are two highly rated kits that are worth mentioning.

The first is Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Cream Kit that can be found in either a deep, medium, or light shade. Below is a thorough tutorial and review done by Laura Lee, to help in the use of this kit.


Second is Shade + Light Contour Palette by Kat Von D. This kit has become the most talked about contouring kit available because of the endless possibilities. Kat Von D herself has created a tutorial explaining her product, which I have found to be very useful because she explains her process step by step, which is always helpful when doing it on your own.

kat voon d

Next, lets look at a powder-contouring kit. Powder kits can be used for an oilier complexion that can add a luminous look without to much shine. The powder contour kits allow you to sculpt and shape your face until you receive the desired definition. This is a little bit more complicated, in my opinion.

The Cocoa Contour Kit by Too Faced is one of the top rated best sellers of powder contouring kits on the market. This kit has four  natural blending shades to add a perfectly highlighted and matte look. Below is a video to use as a quick how-to guide.

too faced

Each of these contour palettes are rated among the best of the contouring kits available. To make the perfect decision for you, it mainly depends on your personal skin complexion. Of course you can even use a combination of both cream and powder kits to achieve your desired look.

My final tip would be to make sure not to forget to highlight your face. Using the lighter shades in your kits under your eyes and within your T-zone gives a brighter glow to your face. I also suggest finishing with a bronzer along your cheekbones with a shimmer such as Too Faced Snow Bunny Luminous Bronzer.

Remember, practice makes perfect!

snow bunny

Mother’s Day Beautification

As Mother’s Day approaches, I’m sure we are all scrambling to find the perfect gift. Here are a few Mommy must-haves to keep all of our Moms beautified.


Each daily look is completed with the perfect lip color, and this set of nude shades by bareMinerals is the perfect present.


This perfume sampler by Sephora Favorites can give our Mothers unlimited daily scent options. We all know Moms love options!

Fresh- Rose Hydrating Eye Gel Creamrose2

This Fresh Rose hydrating eye cream can be used for a more smooth and moisturized surface to keep your Mother’s feeling refreshed during their long days.

Save That Money, Honey!

Makeup consumers everywhere know that any beauty-shopping spree can escalate in price fairly quickly. As much as we love testing out different makeup products, which can be expensive and sometimes upsetting, especially if the product does not turn out to be exactly what you’re looking for. You might be questioning how you can experiment and save while not feeling constrained to the same look. I’m going to supply you all with a few of my beloved makeup duplicates that can help keep some money in your wallet while still getting the same desired look.

ELFMy first favorite ‘save’ item that I use everyday to e.l.f.’s ‘Studio Makeup Mist & Set’ that only costs $3. This product keeps your makeup smudge free by applying a few sprays when finishing your desired makeup look. Luckily, I happened to run across this product at Target, after previously spending $22 at Nordstroms on MAC Cosmetics ‘Prep + Prime” Fix+Finishing Mist’, that did the exact same thing. Saving $19 on this item is enough to buy an extra lipstick and continue growing my lip collection. I guess this would explain why I have more makeup than money.

nudesComing in at a close second is the best eye shadow palette dupe. Many have noticed the positive chatter surrounding the stunning Urban Decay Cosmetics ‘Naked Palettes’, but spending $54 on a set of eye shadows is a bit overpriced, especially for this college student. Another easy ‘save’ item for me is Maybelline’s ‘The Nudes Palette’ for only $8.99 at Target. For the same amount of eye shadow options, this is the easiest way to save about $45. For that price, you can buy both of Maybelline’s ‘The Nude Palettes’ for double the possibilities. Everyone loves more options, right?

eld fill inrimmel

Lastly, my favorite save has to be on brows. One of the most popular trending looks amongst makeup artists has become filled-in eyebrows. Let me just tell you, I live for this. Mastering that thick arched, yet natural looking, brow can create the perfect look. Recently, Anastasia Beverly Hills has perfected the brow sensation. As much as I would love to spend $18 on the ‘Dipbrow Pomade’ and another $21 on the “Brow Wiz” pencil, it’s a bit much for my current budget. So as an alternative, I suggest looking into a few other brands that can help achieve that same amazing brow. I recommend Rimmels “Professional Brow Liner” for only $3.99 and e.l.f.’s “Eyebrow Kit” for $3; both can be found at Target. That’s a combined savings of $32. Imagine the endless days of eyebrow perfection at that price.

These three simple brand swaps can total close to $95 of savings. Now tell me that wouldn’t be nice to look at in that cute little wallet of yours. I highly recommend taking the time to seek out other makeup substitutes. More likely than not, we can duplicate the same look for cheaper.


Dark Side

MAC’s ‘Dark Side’ Lipstick

No makeup look is complete without the perfect lipstick and liner combo. I’m dedicating this week’s seamless blend to the lovely, MAC Cosmetics. Starting with a smooth line and shade by MAC’s ‘Vino’ lip pencil, you can achieve that full pouty look, which I much desire. Followed by a creamy fill-in with MAC’s ‘Dark Side‘ lipstick. Immediately lips pop and become voluptuous.

Photo by moi.

Photo by moi.


MAC’s ‘Vino’ Lip Pencil

MAC Cosmetics has endless lip color pairing possibilities and my main reason for picking this color combo is because of the long lasting wear you can get out both of these products.

Flawless Skin

1st blog top pic

Many makeup connoisseurs like myself, long for that fresh silky smooth finish to their everyday makeup look. It has taken time, but I have picked up on different tricks to gain that desired flawless long-lasting makeup glow. Time and time again it has come down to the use of quality products and applicators. Through trial and error and the use of different brands, I have found a few products that have become necessities in my makeup bag.

rinse-off cleanserdramatically difffoundationconcealer

Clinique has been my go to face cleanser, moisturizer, foundation and concealer for years because of the smooth and light finished look I have been able to achieve with this brand. I have broken down my routine to a simple four-step process.

The first step to attain that healthy glow is a clean face. I think this explanation by Clinique Guiding Dermatologist, Dr. David Orentreich, as to why this brand of makeup and its cleansers are useful for every skin type is most helpful. Although Dr. Orentriech explains a three-step cleaning process, that is not necessary for every skin complexion and could dry your face out, which happened to me. For more sensitive skin like mine, the rinse-off foaming cleanser at night before bed to rid your face of built up dirt and in the morning to achieve a fresh face before applying makeup. This product does not clog my pores or create oily skin and has kept me blemish-free. Take the time to find what suits you; it’s always worth it.

My second step, is applying the dramatically different moisturizing lotion+ after each facial wash to keep my skin hydrated. Moisturization is necessary to keep the skin from cracking after any harsh weather and dirt that you encounter during the day. I would even suggest looking into a moisturizer containing sunscreen for full protection.

My third step would be applying a foundation that is right for your skin. For myself, I have used Clinique’s stay-matte oil-free foundation, which keeps my skin fully covered throughout the day. To me, Clinique is the perfect blend of light feeling and full coverage.

My final step to get that flawless and healthy finished face is Clinique’s line smoothing concealer that covers blemishes. This little tool is my secret to hiding all imperfections before applying powders or blush.


My home applicators

With a combination of Clinique’s quality products and my own clean brushes, this four-step process is apart of my daily routine. I believe that the desired smooth look is achieved through the correct use of applicators/brushes as well. Here is a video that quickly explains which brushes are must haves to gain that flawless look. This video is great for beginners and was very helpful to me and is my go-to for others when i’m questioned on how i achieve a flawless finish.